Sublimation Coating Chemical

Sublimation coating chemical is required in order to prevent the overlap of any pattern to be dyed on fabric, deformation and other issues that can happen with the elastic fabric in the process of dye transfer – that usually results in low pass rate of the dye. Such coating chemicals make sure the dye is transferred with absolute precision over the surface as intended. We have tied-up with one of the best Sublimation Coating Chemical Manufacturer from Portugal.

Dye sublimation inks

Dispersed dyes suspended in solvents- usually water are ideal for sublimation process. They are also called disperse dyes and provide best results in printing on fabric requirements. These change from solid to gas easily while transferring to textile surfaces specially polyesters. They are incredibly vibrant in colour output. Since they become a part of the fabric, these fabrics can be washed over 100+ times and yet the vibrancy of the dye will not be lost.

Protection Paper

In order to protect the heat plates and other surfaces from the dye during the transfer process, this protection paper is used as a cover or add a protective later to trap any dye that might try to escape during its gaseous stage of sublimation transfer process. We make both types of protection paper – white and brown/grey.

Dye Sublimation Transfer Paper

Dye Sublimation Transfer paper or butter or fusion paper is used to transfer inks from a printer to any surface. In order to do that our papers take care of three basic properties of sublimation paper that determines its quality.1. The dots the ink leaves are as minimal as possible. This is so that the lines are crisp of thegraphics that need to emerge out in the final output2. Papers hold the ink to the surface as much as possible, making the transfer process as fast as possible. Inks do not seep deeper into the paper letting maximum ink transfer from the paper to any surface. 3. Our papers can withstand the heat of the sublimation process without burning out, shrink or other such problems.Butter paper or fusing paper also has incredible dye ink transfer rates, allowing minimal wastage of dyes for any kind of print output. These increase the efficiency of the whole process while also helping out with making the process’s environmental impact more sustainable.