Our plant is spread across 2 acres of land with state of the art coating plant with all amenities which can be used for coating producti on of sublimation transfer paper The maximum speed of the coating line can reach up to 400m/min. Our factory is situated at close proximity to the national highway giving us a strategic geographic advantage. This gives us the benefit of easy & hassle free transportation of our products across country and sending it out as shipments to different countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Dubai, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Peru, Brazil, Columbia and many more.

Our production capacity

We produce two types of sublimation paper – white and yellow.

We have in total 3 lines of Coating Machine. The total sublimation Paper Production capacity of our group is about 1 crore meters across various sizes. We produce roughly 300 tonnes of Protection Paper and 30 tonnes of sublimation ink on monthly basis. We have state of the art 200 npm coating machine and 3 high speed splitter machines for meeting all sizes of orders we receive.

Our production facility

Our plant is mainly divided into two areas, one where the steam is produced to heat the paper to get rid of all moisture in it and the other is where the paper is coated with the chemical to help the ink transfer on to any other material. The raw material or simple paper is unwound to feed into a machine where the chemical is coated on to the paper. Once the excess chemical is removed, the coated paper is passed into steam chambers where the paper is rid of all moisture. The lesser the moisture in the paper the better the quality. After the paper is ready, it is tested in our lab for quality.


Our R&D team does the testing of each batch of coated paper for all the parameters necessary from the clients perspective such as transfer ratio, coat weight etc. The inks are tested on various machine so the each batch has the same properties so as to maintain the consistency, which is of utmost importance. An actual fabric is used to test the papers sublimation quality. Once the quality test is complete to the satisfaction of the quality controller, it is then cut according to the order size to be packed and dispatched to the customer.